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Jr ADUs are typically limited in size, often capped at 500 square feet or less, and they are designed to provide independent living quarters for individuals or small households. They can include features like a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living space. Jr ADUs are intended to be smaller, more affordable options compared to traditional ADUs and can be an alternative for homeowners who have limited space or are looking for a less extensive construction project. A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (Jr ADU) is a smaller type of accessory dwellingunit that can be created within the footprint of an existing single-family home or additional square footage built attached to the main home. It is an additional living unit that is smaller in size and typically has a separate entrance, but it can share certain facilities like bathrooms and kitchens with the main house. The concept of Jr ADUs was introduced in California as part of state legislation to encourage the development of more affordable housing options and increase housing density. The specific regulations and requirements for Jr ADUs may vary depending on local ordinances and building codes.


  • Country: United States
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